Hi.  My name’s Andrew Schlaier.  I was born and raised in Lodi, graduated from Lodi High in 2007 and UCLA in 2011.  

     I’m going on a trip–a pretty big trip, actually.  I’m keeping this blog to document the experience and to share it with you…

     “But Andrew,” you may ask, “where are you going?  and why?  when?  and who with?”

     Good question, dear reader.  Let’s start with Who

     The travelers include this blogger, this blogger’s brother, Reilly Schlaier, and this blogger’s father, Ray Schlaier.  The trio will be augmented on our first stop by my father’s lady-friend, Linda Harms.  

     Why:  The purpose of the trip is to U-Haul Linda’s belongings from her home in Florida back (across the country) to Lodi.  

     Where:  Inhale…now exhale… OK, here we go: 

1. Tampa, Florida

2. Miami

3. St. Augustine, Florida

4. Georgia

5. South Carolina

6. North Carolina (Outer Banks)

7. Virginia

8. Washington, DC

9. Princeton, New Jersey

10. Park Ridge, New Jersey (for Linda’s high school reunion)

11. New York City

12. Boston

13. Chicago?

14. Route 2, the northernmost highway in the country, stretching from Minnesota to Washington state.

15. Seattle, WA

16. Portland, OR

17. Lodi, CA

     That’s a tentative list.  Weather, gas prices, places to stay, our curiosity and myriad other factors can and probably will change the above list.  Yes, it’s an ambitious itinerary and clearly a blatant squandering of precious fossil fuels and money…but, hey, you only live once, right?

When:  The whole thing should take about three weeks, starting from our flight from Sacramento on Tuesday, September 18th.  

     Along the way, I’ll be posting pictures, postcards and commentary.  Knowing my family, there will be more than a few stops at locations of historical interest, so I’ll attempt to work in a didactic element to some of the posts.  Cities and their people, famous universities, beaches, Civil War battle sites, truck stops, museums, bars, local foods, festivals and anything else we run across are fair game.  

So come along!  See what there is to see and learn what there is to learn, while we’re “unstuck in Lodi.” 




About andrew schlaier

Hi, my name is Andrew. Come check out the sights, scenes and stories outside of Lodi.

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