Day 6: Miami (Beach)

Miami Beach is like a bigger, better-looking, less funky version of Tampa that’s closer to the beach.  I can’t believe the amount of attractive young people walking up and down the streets.  It appears as if this town plays constant host to an attractive young person convention. 

The price of the hotel and restaurants officially put us at “living beyond our means.”  I really mean that: I gave Reilly ten dollars to buy cigarettes and when I asked for my change there was nothing left.  I immediately went on a rant about fiscal responsibility, but when Reilly suggested trying to take them back I was too embarrassed.  Later I found out a pack under ten dollars was a steal–at another drug store a pack went for about twelve dollars.  Now, you could have told me a pack of cigarettes was five bucks and I still would have thought, “my God, you’re paying five dollars to get cancer?”  But apparently some cities can get away with this kind of gouging. 

After exorbitantly expensive dinner and drinks and cigarettes, Reilly and I went for a walk out to the beach and around the town. As we strolled through the ubiquitous Florida humidity, dodging those aforementioned good-looking young people (by now also drunk in addition to good-looking), we engaged in a sort of impromptu Socratic dialogue.  At the expense of careful observation of the city around us, we discussed our respective philosophies of life, our ideas on money and politics and morality. 


About andrew schlaier

Hi, my name is Andrew. Come check out the sights, scenes and stories outside of Lodi.

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